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Grain harvesters TORUM 750

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Designed for harvesting of grain and row crops of high yield capacity. Exclusive effectiveness when harvesting the rice. TORUM - is a powerful rotor-type harvester, one of the most high-efficiency in the world. TORUM is able to harvest more than 2000 hectares of various cultures, making 40 tons of grain per hour, and 300 tons per shift.

The harvester is based on the unique threshing system Advanced Rotor System (ARS). ARS includes three innovations: beater inclined chamber, rotor with revolving deck, and stepless rotor drive

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Designed for harvesting of grain and row crops of high yield capacity.

Exclusive effectiveness when harvesting the rice.


MTU (Mercedes) OM460LA, 6-cylinder,

Power: 313 kW (425 h.p.) at 1900 rpm, displacement: 12.82 L.

Fuel tank capacity: 850 L.


Power Stream reaper (5/6/7/9m)

Electro-hydraulic contour copying system

Cutting height adjustment

Schumacher cutting apparatus

Planetary drive of Schumacher cutting apparatus

Automatic synchronization of reel speed with the harvester travel speed

Hydraulic multi-coupler


Optionally: Crop lifter kit for headers 6/7/9m

Transport wagon


Inclined chamber

Beater inclined chamber of three accelerating beaters


Reverse controlled from the cabin


Threshing and separation

Advanced Rotor System (inclined chamber with accelerating beaters + rotor with revolving deck + rotor stepless drive)

Rotor, Æ 762mm, rotor length 3200mm

Rotational speed 250-1000 rpm

Coverage angle of threshing and separating rotor part: 360º

Revolving rotor deck

Straw mass separator on rotor output

Autonomous final-threshing device of rotary type


Double-cascade cleaning system

Cleaning area: 5.2 m2

Double-section fan

Easy-removable cleaning sieves

Electrical adjustment of sieves from the cabin


Grain tank

Grain tank capacity: 10 500L

Unloading speed: 105 L/s

Autonomous unloading

Unloading height: 5.4m

Hydraulic pulsers for wet grain unloading



Grain tank: 12 000 L



Comfort Cab II with panoramic windows

Adjustable mechanically suspended operator's seat

Training seat


Audio ready

Front wiper

Lighter 12V

Adviser III informational system

Color touchscreen 10&rsquo&rsquo

Control panel in arm rest

Joystick with 16 functions


Electrical equipment

Nominal voltage: 12/24V

Informational system: Adviser

Lights: 10 front operating lights, 2 auxiliary lights, 4 lower/high beam headlights


Optional: GPS automatic driving system,  

Yield and humidity mapping system,

Managing system for the return on the re-thresher,

Video cameras (rear and unloading view)


Hydraulic-static transmission

3-range gearbox

Speed range: 0-25 km/h



Semi-caterpillar driving axle

All wheels drive

Tires with improved ground gripping

Wide cross-section tires 900/60R32 


Straw management

Integrated straw and chaff shredder-thrower (swath/shredding)


 Number of knives: 76

 Rotational speed:

 1600 rpm &ndash row crop

  3400 rpm &ndash grain



Electrical adjustment of throwing angle



Driving wheels &ndash 30,5LR32

Controlled wheels &ndash 540/70R24



Water tank: 5L

Air compressor with receiver of 110L capacity for the harvester servicing

Decals indicating maintenance intervals



Automatic centralized lubricating system


Overall dimensions and weight

Length: 8931mm, width: 3677mm, height: 3950mm

Weight (without reaper and fuel): 16350 kg



2 years or 600 operating hours

Adapters and devices:

  • reaper (8 rows, 12 rows)
  • Corn reaper (8 rows, 12 rows)
  • Soy reaper (7.0 m)
  • Rice harvesting device (6.0 m, 7.0 m)
  • Draper reaper (9.0 m)
  • Rape harvesting device (6.0 m, 7.0, 9.0 m)



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