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Grain harvesters ACROS 550

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Designed for harvesting of grain and row crops of medium yield capacity. Seasonal operation: from 500 hectares.

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Designed for harvesting of grain and row crops of medium yield capacity.

Seasonal operation: from 500 hectares.


YaMZ 236BE-2, 6-cylinder, V-type

Power: 206 kW (280 h.p.) at 2000 rpm, displacement: 11 L

Fuel tank capacity: 540 L


Power Stream reaper (5/6/7/9m)

Lateral-longitudinal relief spring copying

Cutting height adjustment

Schumacher cutting apparatus

Planetary drive of Schumacher cutting apparatus

Automatic synchronization of reel speed with the harvester travel speed

Hydraulic multi-coupler

Optionally: Crop lifter kit for headers 6/7/9m

Transport wagon



Inclined chamber

Input beater with chain-bar transporter


Reverse controlled from the cabin



Rasp-bar drum with 10 bars, Æ 800 mm, drum length: 1480 mm

Rotational speed: 335-1050 rpm

Automatic belts tensioning by wedge-belt variator

Electrical adjustment of concave gap

Jam Control device

Autonomous final-threshing device of rotary type


Optionally: threshing drum reducing gearbox (200-450 rpm).



5-bar straw-walker

Bar length: 4100mm

Separation area: 6.15 m2.



Sectional Upper sieve, Sectional lower sieve

Cleaning area: 4.95m2.

Single-section 6-blade fan


Grain tank

Grain tank capacity 9000 L

Unloading speed 90 L/s

Autonomous unloading

Unloading height 4.3/4.7m

Hydraulic pulsers for wet grain unloading

Smart Launch system for separated activation/deactivation of worms



Comfort Cab with panoramic glazing

Sprung operator&rsquos seat

Assistant&rsquos seat

Cooler section for drinks

Audio preparation

Windshield wiper

Cigarette lighter 12V


Electrical equipment

Nominal voltage: 12/24V

Informational system: Adviser

Lights: 6 front operating lights, 2 auxiliary lights, 2 lower/high beam headlights


Optionally: GPS automatic driving system, printer, crop capacity and humidity mapping system.



Hydraulic-static transmission

3-range gearbox

Speed range: 0-25 km/h


Straw management

Straw shredder-thrower (swath/shredding)

 Number of knives: 76

 Rotational speed:

 1600 rpm &ndash row crop

 3400 rpm &ndash grain



Driving wheels &ndash 30,5LR32

Controlled wheels &ndash 18.24-24



Water tank: 5L

Air compressor with receiver of 110L capacity for the harvester servicing



Automatic centralized lubricating system



Overall dimensions and weight

Length: 8846mm, width: 3880mm, height: 3940mm

Weight (without reaper and fuel): 13 400 kg



2 years or 600 operating hours

Adapters and devices:

&bull      Sunflower reaper (8 rows)

&bull      Corn reaper (6/8 rows)

&bull      Soy reaper (7.0 m)

&bull      Draper reaper (9.0 m)

&bull      Rice harvesting device (6.0 m, 7.0 m)

&bull      Rape harvesting device (6.0 m, 7.0 m)



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