Рeaty soil

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Description : For producing soil materials for hobby market is used milling peat (degree of decomposition up to 25%), milling peat (degree of decomposition up to 40%), and addings, which increase water-absorbing ability and air capacity of substrate

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Packing and transportation Peaty soil materials are packed in branded bags 5 / 10 / 25 / 50 L The bags themselves are packed up and fixed with stretch-layer on pallets in amounts (depending on capacity in litres):&bull&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp5 litre - 403 pieces on a pallet&bull&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp10 litre - 240 pieces on a pallet&bull&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp25 litre - 100 pieces on a pallet&bull&nbsp&nbsp &nbsp50 litre - 48 pieces on a pallet

ООО "Велторф"

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peat,soil,торф,торфяной грунт,peat moss

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Company Address: 13 th street
near times sqaure
abuja, Kwara,

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