Container trailer type PK-24N-6 (Standard, universal)

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Description : Adapted for use with two-axle truck air suspension and a wheelbase of around 3600mm in accordance with ISO 1726 Container trailer corresponds to the "requirements for vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods, para. 2.6 of Annex 6 to the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles" and is suitable for the transport of dangerous goods AT, OX, EX / II, EX / III and FL (ADR classification)

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Specifications 1.1 Vehicle category O4 1.2 The maximum permissible gross, kg 38000 1.3 Mass of the loaded chassis (no more than +/- 3%) kg 5600 1.4 Load capacity at SSA, kg 11000 1.5 Allowable load, mm axis 27000 1.6 Overall length, mm 12600 1.7 Overall width, mm 2500 1.8 Height, mm 1300 1.9 The height of the fifth wheel, mm 1100 1.10 Loading height, mm 1100 1.11 Wheel track, mm 2040 1.12 Leaf track, mm 1300 Types of containers 1 x 40 &#39&#39 container (HQ), having a groove in the base in accordance with GOST 18477-79 1 x 40 &#39&#39 container having a groove at the bottom 1 x 30 &#39&#39 the container 2 x 20 &#39&#39 of the container 1 x 20 &#39&#39 mounted in the middle of the container. OPTIONS ON REQUEST CUSTOMER The design of the chassis. 2.3.1 Reinforced chassis of the two longitudinal spars I-section (bearing bars are made of Swedish steel &laquoOVAKO&raquo) connected by cross beams. 2.3.2 The frame construction is made of high carbon steel DOMEX 700 (Sweden), operating in the temperature range from -70 &deg C. to +40 &deg C 2.3.3 The support device JOST / BPW / SAF (Germany) lifting capacity of 24 tons with the management right. 2.3.4 kingpin JOST / BPW / SAF (Germany) 2-inch in accordance with UNECE Regulation number 55.00, is in accordance with ISO 1726 2.3.5 Additional Terms pin for use with a 3-osnym tractor 2.3.6 2 wheel chocks (shoe) 2.3.7 spare wheel holder of the basket type - 2 pcs . 2.3.8 The side underrun protection, aluminum, made by the UNECE Regulation number 73.00 2.3.9 The rear protective device in the form of bent steel profile with integrated license plate holder, made by UNECE Regulations number 58.01 2.3.10 Frame under registration number STEELBEAR logo 2.3.11 rear bumpers - 2 pcs . 2.3.12 fitting beams and locks JOST / BPW (Germany) 2.3.13 All bolts fittings diameter 55 mm . 2.3.14 Folding boxes - 2 units, providing additional support for 20-futogo container DC (H = 2600 mm) installed at the front of the semi-trailer 2.3.15 Metal loading platform for entry into the 20-foot container container set in the middle. 2.4 Axial unit. 2.4.1 3-axle axle assembly BPW AIRLIGHT 2 (Germany), drum brake adapted for use in Russia, the permissible load on each axle 9000 kg 2.4.2 Reinforced air suspension the BPW (Germany) (pillow diameter 360 mm) with the possibility of lifting / lowering 2.4.3 Reinforced dampers (blue HD) 2.4.4 Plastic wings over all of the wheels 2.4.5 A pair of mudguards Suer (Germany) STEELBEAR logo behind the rear axle 2.4.6 Automatic Linkage first axis. 2.5 Wheels and tires. 2.5.1 The wheel assembly 7 pieces. (Incl 1 spare.) 2.5.2 Tire CONTINENTAL HTR 160K dimension 385 / 55R22,5 2.5.3 Steel wheels 22,5h11,75. 2.6 Brake System. 2.6.1 Pneumatic electronic braking system WABCO / HALDEX EBS 2S / 2M (Germany), with the function of RSS (roll-over system). EBS allows you to obtain an optimal ratio between the braking forces of the individual wheels, as well as between the tractor and trailer 2.6.2 Forced lifting first axle triple pressing the brake pedal (the function &quotHelp when starting&quot) at speeds up to 30 km / h 2.6.3 Steel air brake system and suspension of the receiver 2.6.4 ABS sensors on the second axis 2.6.5 Brake BPW camera (Germany) membrane 2.6.6 Parking brake system with semi-automatic-type spring power BPW (Germany) on the second and third axes 2.6.7 Two pneumatic connection heads (power and control) 2.6.8 ABS socket for ISO7638 (without connecting cables to the towing vehicle). 2.7 Electric. 2.7.1 Electrical ASPOECK (Germany), explosion-proof. Cables and connectors are protected from chemical and heat exposure, with the 24-volt network 2.7.2 Central 10-core cable with a cross section: 7h1,5 3h2,5 mm mm 2.7.3 Front position lamps white light - 2 pcs . 2.7.4 The side marker lights - 8 pcs . 2.7.5 Number plate lights - 2 pcs 2.7.6 Five-chamber tail lights with reflectors 2.7.7 Contour taillights in rubber housings - 2 pcs . 2.7.8 Semipolyusnye connectors - 2 pcs. (Without connecting cables to the towing vehicle) 2.7.9 Pyatnadtsatipolyusny electrical connector (without connecting cable to the tractor) 2.8 Painting. 2.8.1 Preparation of steel substrates by shot-blasting to Sa 2 &frac12 2.8.2 Painting the chassis two-component polyurethane system Normadur (Finland) with a preliminary drawing of zinc-containing soil, protecting the frame from the &quotsubsurface&quot corrosion 2.8.3 chassis color blue (RAL 5002) 2.8.4 Lateral protection without paint (aluminum), or metal-plastic (gray) 2.8.5 Rear protection device silver color 2.8.6 Wheel silver-gray wheels. 2.9 Marking 2.9.1 Part-reflective markings in accordance with directive ECE R48, side and rear yellow. 2.10 In addition, 2.10.1 Tyres CONTINENTAL HTR 160K dimension 385 / 65R22,5 - 6 pcs . certification Steelbear trailers are certified by State Standard of the Russian Federation in accordance with the latest UNECE regulations. Guarantees: -garantiyny period for the semi-trailer - 24 months from the date of sale -garantiyny period for osevyё units - 36 months - Rust warranty on metal - 10 years. Service maintenance: Warranty and post-warranty maintenance is carried out at the plant JSC &quotVOMZ&quot and service stations partner factory. By mutual agreement, other variants are possible.
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